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Hello my friends, enemies, and acquaintances. I just want ta give y'all an update on me and my (before I use this word no I am not pewdiepie.)  Fabulous life.
"Mood" happy, happy, happy.
"Watching" hellsing ultimate.
" listening" any and all anime amv!!!
"Playing" Naruto U.N storm revolution.
And that's all so far and I will now start sending death threats to everyone's fav badass vegeta and hope he won't realise it is me just for... " OK WHO THE DEAD MAN THAT KEEPS SENDING ME THESE DEATH NOTES!!!" Oh shit run bitch run!!!
As of May the twenty first, deviantART
will be deleting ALL dA accounts. Not
the plz accounts though. But just all
name-wasted accounts, or accounts that
we think are fake, or that are useless.
We are doing this to prevent something
that could possibly may happen in the
future. If we find this message on you're
deviantID, journal, etc. We will know that
you are not a fake.
Thank you for listening,
-deviantART staff
copy and paste if you want
a funny thing happend on my minecraft game after i installed both dragon block c mod and pixelmon mod both fun games and when i installed both i was thinking i could play one when i want then the other but instead i can play both mods together and i was thinking it was weird and was hoping if one of you guy would tell me if its ok or completely jacked up just tell me in the comments 
charging for an attack by jjjtttddd
i have discovered the most awesome thing on youtube (not including lets plays full episodes of anime like attack on titan and dbz or naruto and parodys.) they are amv.( anime music videos.) and yes you guy must think ha no it's not but try it first look up naruto monster skillet, jvreborn he is an awesome amv maker, A.O.T rise, dbz hero skillet, and if you already know the awesome stuff of amv tell me a vid you like and i will watch it the best amv wins (do not have points sorry)
OK I got a warning from supersayincrash about a goddamned hacker that put pornagrahic stuff on people's accounts and sends rude comments and UN watches dudes u watch so keep on watch
hi to u all i was hopeing that you guys would welcome a new diviant and his work so here is his name go cheak him out abosdbfa is his name so go cheak it out
hi all of you guy me and my friend 1 of my friends will help me with my bond (bleach one picec naruto and dragonball z) story and we will do 1 chapter a picec he will do a chapter and i will do 1
ok so i don't have any ideas but i only do anima like naruto and dragonball,z,or so comment and give me ideas