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The Legend of Red.




DIsclaimer: I do not own Fairy Tail, or Pokemon Red and Blue.

Chapter 1: Mewtwo's trump card!

….. Cerulean Cave …..

This is it… the moment I have been waiting for since the start. I have found the 150th pokemon! The first half of my job is done, now begins part two… catch it.

"Charizard! Use Fire Blast!" My Charizard… I remember when he was a little Charmander. A small orange lizard, with a pale yellow underbelly, and fire that lit his tail. After a long time he has evolved to a Chameleon, and finally to a Charizard. He now stand a neck over me, his once round head became sharper and more define. Charmander had grown wings on his back, that give him amazing speed in flight. And the flame that covered his tail had grown brighter and larger than ever.

"Char!" He roared as a blast of fire escaped his mouth. The flame took the form of the kanji for 'Big' as it sailed at the opposing pokemon. The pokemon looked annoyed as it held out a three fingered hand. Before the attack could hit it, the pokemon swiped his hand, and the flame went with it.

"Whoa…" As far as far he knew, Charizard's Fire Blast had never been deflected like that… Never.

"You shouldn't have come here human!" The young boy stood there in shock. This pokemon could use telepathy to talk. The pokemon in question, is a one of a kind pokemon. It stands a few inches shorter than Charizard, grey skin with a purple underbelly, and a purple tail. This is Mewtwo. A psychic legendary pokemon. It was said to be created in a lab, from an extinct pokemon called Mew.

"Charizard use Flamethrower!" The fire pokemon reacted on the second. A huge torrent of fire escaped his huge mouth.

"It won't work!" Just as before he swiped the flame away. Charizard look angered that his flame was put out so easy.

"Use Mega Punch!" Charizard saw it as a way to unleash pent up anger. He flew towards Mewtwo at his top speed. He could feel the familiar energy fill his fist as he threw it at Mewtwo.

"Your persistent human." Mewtwo created a purple shield around himself, and once Charizard's punched it, the Fire/Flying type pokemon was sent flying back. The boy was hit by Charizard's wing as his starter pokemon hit a boulder behind them.

"Charizard! Are you ok buddy?" Said pokemon gave a grunt in reply. The boy smirked as he turned back to Mewtwo. The smirk fell as he saw the amount of damage Mewtwo received… or lack of. Mewtwo looked like he just walked out of a shower, after a good night's rest.

"It is futile to fight me. Your down to your last slave, human. And even if you do get a hit in, it would do little good." The boy just stood there in silence. Charizard took notice and gave a worried look toward his partner.

"Charizard's not my slave! He is my partner! My Friend! I made a promise to finish the Pokedex, that Professor Oak entrusted to me! I can't give up here! Not until I have all 150 pokemon!" The boy glared defiantly at Mewtwo. The physic took a step back in shock. Every other so called 'Trainer' he has met used pokemon as tools. But this one… he was different. There was a fire in his eyes that just screamed determination.

"Even so… I still will not be captured by a lowly human!" He started to rush at the young boy. Yet before he could attack the boy, an unexpected punch hit the side of his face.

"Char!" Charizard used Mega Punch. Mewtwo was incredibly surprised. Not by that the Charizard hit him, but that he felt the blow. Mewtwo was launched away, and fell into the water.

"Charizard! Thanks buddy!" Before more could be said, Mewtwo bursted out of the water.

"Impressive. You hit me. But it won't happen again." The physic pokemon said in full confidence. He used his abilities to take control over Charizard, and slam him into the boy.

"AAAAHHHH" the boy felt incredibly pain as his partner was used as a hammer. He fell face first on the ground as Charizard continued on.

"ROOOOAAAARRRR!" The fire pokemon used all his will power to break away from Mewtwo's grasps. This gained another look of shock from Mewtwo. The boy took the advantage.

"Use wing attack! Followed by Fire Blast!" Before Mewtwo could react Charizard slashed at him with his wings then while Mewtwo was recovering, the fire pokemon let loose another Wave of fire. The boy smirked at Mewtwo's face. The attack hit him directly. Smoke covered the area where Mewtwo was.

"That had to put on some damage." The boy had a hopeful tone in his voice. That is until the smoke cleared revealing the same purple shield from before. Mewtwo gave both of them a furious glare.

"uh-oh." Faster than they could react, Mewtwo sent both Trainer and Pokemon flying together in the water. The first thing the boy noticed was how cold the water felt. The next was that it was dark in the freezing water. He slowly opened his eyes to look for Charizard's flame. Looking to his left the boy found the burning tail of Charizard. His eyes widen at how small the flame had become.

"GAGH!" No air… he need to get up, but Charizard was still down there. He can't leave Charizard to die! The boy swam for the fire pokemon as fast, as he could. He reached his back wings and shook the lizard like pokemon.

"GRRRRR" The boy kept shaking Charizard,

Come on Charizard! Just wake up… please… don't…die…

The boy took no notice to the shining in his pocket, or the shining on Charizard's chest. All he wanted was to save his partner.

Wake up buddy…

His vision was getting blurry, he knew that he would soon lose consciousness. Then both of them would die.

Wake up… wake up… WAKE UP!

The Charizard's eyes snapped open, as if hearing his partners thoughts. The boy had the biggest smile on his face, but it soon drowned when he felt himself lose the last of his breath. The glowing from the two intensified. Surrounding the two, Charizard felt… rejuvenated. But then he saw his partner slowly closing his eyes. Fear enveloped the fire pokemon.

"Char!" The Charizard grabbed hold of his partner and flapped his powerful wings. Only they felt… stronger. With a powerful series of flaps, Charizard reached the surface, with the boy in toe. Water was splashed all around them as the Charizard raced to land. Once on land in the dark cave, Charizard put the boy down.

"Char!" The boy did not stir. Fear enveloped the fire pokemon's eyes. He proceeded to place his claw on the boy's chest. It sent a jolt of swift through the boy. The proceed to push lightly. He repeated the process. Water was coughed up from the boy's mouth. Then he started to breath normally.

"Char." Said the pokemon, before he noticed another set of eyes. He turned to see Mewtwo with shock on his face.

"You… evolved further… how?" Charizard was confused by the comment, until he saw a flash of blue. Looking down, he did not find the familiar orange scales he had, but Black where he was once orange, and blue where he was a pale yellow. The color was not the only fire was erupting from both his mouth and the tip of his tail, his shoulders had black and blue spikes, the horns on his head had blue tips, and the wings became sharper and more define.

"It does not matter anymore. You are still weaker than me. And even if you could beat me, your human cannot throw one of those accused devices at me!" Mewtwo opened his arms wide and created multiple stars. He fired the stars at the new Charizard.

"Char!" Charizard moved to the left as the stars flew. Yet they turned and went right back at him. Charizard decided to counter the move Swift with his own. In a similar manner as Mewtwo, Charizard created Stars that then flew away to counter the other attack. There were small explosions when the stars met each other.

"So... you can think without the human orderi-." Mewtwo was unprepared for Charizard's attack. He flew at high speeds, and hit the psychic pokemon in the gut, sending him spiraling backwards. Mewtwo hit the side of the cave with a thud.

Charizard was not done just yet. With a mighty yell, the blue fire pokemon flew at Mewtwo with a blue flame in his hand. Mewtwo saw this coming and ducked to the right. Charizard could only smirk as he stopped mid air and opened his mouth. A familiar blue flame erupted from the blue fire pokemon. Charizard used Fire Blast.

"Damn! You knew i'd try to dodge the attack!" Mewtwo muttered a curse as the flames hit his left side. That was the day Mewtwo first felt true pain.

"Char!" Suddenly Charizard appeared behind Mewtwo with his sharp claws outstretched. Charizard made for a down swipe with his razor sharp claws. A small trace of blood leaked from Mewtwo shoulder, as he tried to sidestep the attack.

"Three times you have caused damage to me. You are indeed a rare sight to behold. But I will not be defeated by a slave to a human!" Mewtwo rushed Charizard with a surprising amount of speed. With A purple shield coming to life Charizard immediately jumped out of the way. Mewtwo did a quick U-turn and was on route to Charizard.

"Char!" The fire pokemon needed to find a way to turn this around. Unlike his partner, Charizard was all brute force. The boy did the thinking while Charizard did as instructed.

"ROAR!" Mewtwo was right on top of Charizard with his shield intact. Charizard had an idea. With all his might, Charizard grabbed hold of Mewtwo's shield. At that moment pain flooded his system, but he gave a defiant yell as he flew into air. Charizard ignored the screaming pain as he turned to the ground. In one final burst of strength, the fire pokemon threw Mewtwo and his shield into the ground. Charizard smirked as the shield dissipated.

"Charizard?" Said fire pokemon turned to the right, to see his partner standing there, in both shock and awe.

"Char!" The fire lizard roared happily. With a couple flaps he was right in front of his partner.

"What happened to you bud? This… this is amazing!" The boy smiled as he gave Charizard a couple pats on the back.

"That… HURT!" Mewtwo burst from the ground. He has multiple cut, bruises, and blood spots. He pants slowly in hopes for the two not noticing. But the boy can see it as clear as day.

"Charizard, use Flamethrower!" Charizard did not hesitate to attack the physic pokemon. the torrent of blue fire raced to Mewtwo. The tired physic, tried to put his shield up, but was not fast enough. He felt the full force of Charizard's burning fire.

"Damn!" Mewtwo fell to a knee. he could barely stand, let alone fight. He has one last move to try. It's a hit or miss move that he swore not to do unless absolutely necessary.

"Good job Charizard! Ok! Master Ball go!" The boy dug in his pocket for the Master ball. Finding it he quickly tossed it at the Psychic pokemon. Mewtwo was ready. He held both hands out, and with a mighty roar, crimson energy shot out to the trainer and pokemon. Mewtwo's smirk fell as he saw the Master ball was missed, and was heading right for him.

"What the?" Charizard stood in front of the boy protectively. Only the boy saw the Master ball hit Mewtwo. It was sucked up into the ball. He wanted to see if the ball caught Mewtwo, but he was to late as the crimson energy enveloped both himself and Charizard. He didn't notice a single device fall from his backpack, as the crimson energy took over his vision. He faintly saw three stars appear, making him smile before the red energy forced him into unconsciousness.

Where there was once two pokemon and a trainer, there now stood, a Master ball, and a red device called… the Pokedex.

The pokedex was flipped open, to reveal a picture of a young trainer. He had a red hat, a bright red jacket, blue pants, black shirt, black hair that shined from the light, and a pair of red eyes.

His trainer ID said 'Red'


I put this on a long time ago, and decided to put it on Deviant art. Why? I don't know myself. Just on a whim. It might just be THIS chapter, since Deviantart and Fanfiction don't normally do well with one-another.

And the fact that 'Bold' and "Ittalics" don't work, really make some parts of this not as good.

Also, what do you think? If you want to read more, look for JTD3 on Along with my other work.

Mewtwo was beaten. He had him! But the Legendary had one last trick up his sleeve. He sent the trainer to a whole different world. Now in this world filled with Magic, will Red be able to find a way for him and his Pokemon to go home? Or will the Pokemon Trainer be forced to except Fiore as his new home. With Fairy Tail. On, and with more chapters.
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